I’m dreaming of Unicorns!!!

Unicorn Dream Sessions: Luxe Sessions for Girls

Few things are more magical that little girls and unicorns! Being the mom of two girls, it’s easy to recognize that unicorns, glitter, sprinkles and dress up are essentials for a good time. Keep reading to find out how I dreamed up the concept for the Unicorn Dreams sessions that I will be holding next month!

Although, the focus of my business is mostly lifestyle portraits I have an artsy, fartsy itch that needs to be scratched ever so often. In January, I decided that I would offer something that is both creative and luxurious! I wanted to offer a concept that was dreamy and required little stress on moms. Low and behold, Unicorn Dreams was conceived! Nearly, a year ago, I attending an awesome event for a coastal woman owned business called Rainey’s Closet. It was an amazing event where I met awesome photographers from the Northeastern part of Florida.  Rainey’s closet is my FAVORITE vendor for high end fashion when I’m doing a styled session! I wanted to create something that embodied the magic of childhood for little girls. I wanted to gather everything that girls love and combine them for an amazing, interactive session!

The girls that came to hang out with me so that I could try out my concept were truly awesome! I felt energized just being in their company! Most importantly, as their moms looked on while they giggled, blew bubbles and tickled one another, I basked in the moment, I’d been presented. I soaked in the charge to capture the essence of each girl and freeze it for their mothers. While that’s how I approach my work all the time, now that my daughter is 13, it’s not lost on me that this stage of simple joys and giggles flies by. Mothers and daughters have a special connection and as my daughter has evolved, the little girl she once was rarely makes an appearance. We hardly cuddle anymore and dress up tea parties are a thing of the past. How I truly wish this wasn’t the case, she’s in a different season. I feel blessed that I get to experience that again with Emery.


I have so many awesome things planned for the girls that will be with me for the Unicorn Dreams sessions on April 14th and I hope that your daughter will be one of them! These sessions are complete with make up, wardrobe, 3 beautiful sets and complimentary prints! Moms are welcomed behind the scenes! I’m taking all the pressure off of you, mom! It’s my prayer that these images become wall art that lives in your home, on her bedroom wall. I hope that it reminds her that she is magical. I hope it helps her to feel confident that she can dream and be anything she wants to be when she’s grown up. I hope that these images bring back vivid memories of giggles and voices that will transform over the years. I’m confident that these girls will continue to believe in unicorns for a little while longer.

That’s my vision for the Unicorn Dream sessions, next month. Won’t you join me? If you want join the exclusive group of moms and girls who will get this luxe experience, send an email here : info@ambreiaartistry.com   or text UNICORN to 251-458-1603!

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