Ambreia Artistry is a studio specializing in motherhood and mom centered portraits. As a woman centric studio, we also want to document your generations as well!  We happily serve Alexandria, Silver Springs, Potomac, Chantilly, Waldorf, Leesburg, Laurel, Baltimore, Woodbridge and we welcome travel assignments.

You don't always get to capture your generations in one photo! A luxurious experience is what you deserve while preserving your legacy memories as art.  

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Couture Gowns
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Heirloom Canvas, Framed Prints, Albums + MORe

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Who do you want to be photographed with?

YOU NEED to book a generational legacy session if...

  • You fit in the arms of your mother or grand mother the last time that you were photographed with them! 
  • You've had a child who has never had a portrait with you or your mother, father, grandmother or siblings. 
  • You've missed the opportunity to capture a loved one in photos and you regret not having done this! 

your legacy matters

In 2022, for my grandmother’s 90th birthday, I wanted to travel home to Alabama and photograph her. I could taste the beautiful portrait of her, my mother and myself. It would have been a definite bonus to have my girls in that portrait as well. To the detriment of my dream, her health had been declining and I sensed that the opportunity was slipping away from me.
I never recovered that opportunity. That's how the Legacy Campaign was born! It was born from my mourning, my love and the moment that slipped away, faster than the blink of an eye. 

  • You fit in the arms of your mother or grand mother the last time that you were photographed with them!
  • You've had a child who has never had a portrait with you or your mother, father, grandmother or siblings.
  • You've missed the opportunity to capture a loved one in photos and you regret not having done this!

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Get artwork! You do not need a DIY project with baby on the way. Let us create heirlooms for you and invest in cherished moments to literally have and hold forever.


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Get Started! In just 15 minutes find out if we're a good fit for each other. I have many years of experience and expertise on how to achieve dream maternity photos.


vision + planning

Get glam! Put your mind at ease when it comes to wardrobe and makeup artisty with our detailed portrait planning. Feel gorgeous with expert styling and posing.


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Get Started. Get Glam. Get Artwork.


Get excited about bringing the ones you love into the studio! Get excited about being photographed with your matriarchs! Get excited about documenting your own children, with the hands that tended you as a child! Whether your collective is local to DC or we travel to achieve this goal, I want you to put this on your to-do list with urgency! Contact me today, to solidify your Legacy portrait! 

For more than six years, Ambreia Artistry has been preserving the memories of women along the Southeastern US and now the
DMV area! 
We have a stunning and extensive wardrobe collection that includes over 35 couture handcrafted gowns, an assortment of bodysuits and luxurious fabrics! Ambreia is an expert when it comes to creating poses that are flattering to the pregnant physique and designing heirloom portrait products that last. 

Get excited about your Legacy

Should Make You Feel Like Royalty

PLANNING your session

  • Pre-session planning
  • Wardrobe Consulting 
  • Set Design / Location Scouting 
  • Portraits to include immediate family, individual portraits and overlapping group portraits 
  • Heirloom Wall Art and Family Heirloom Album Design 
  • Hair and Make Up Team 

5 star review

I'm still on cloud 9 right now lol. Saturday was so special on so many levels. I'm grateful that all the woman feel reinvigorated too!
We appreciate you. Thank you for making this process so easy and so warm. You are the best at what you do. You are truly an artist 😊. 

- Jasmine 

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Why am I invested in YOUR Legacy?


In many ways, I see myself as your family’s memory keeper. To document the evolution of life in a beautiful way is my gift to you and to the world! If my grandmother could come and visit from heaven for a day, I would photograph her. I would capture the legacy portrait of Grandma Mary, her living children and grandchildren along with her great grandchildren. There are many of us, because of her. 11 children, 29 grandchildren and forty-four great grandchildren. There are at least five great great grandchildren, as well. 
What a legacy! What a life! 
How many generations could we fit into one photo of your family? Can you see it? Can you visualize the impact of the future generations? 
Book your Legacy Session today! It’s sooo worth it! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can Join in for a legacy session?

The concept behind the Legacy Session is to captured as many family members in one photo as possible. Generational session are important and should include  as many of your living relatives as possible. Some clients want to include the women only, while others want to incorporate the men as well. It's totally up to you! 

How Do We Decide what to wear?

A key part of the planning process for each Ambreia Artistry session is wardrobe and styling! This is where the concept comes together like a sheet of music! Whether it's customizing the looks, color scheme or set design, we have you covered! 

Do we get the glam treatment like your other clients?

At Ambreia Artistry, our primary focus is to preserve the legacy of a family. With that in mind we always allow siblings and parents to be in the portraits we create at no additional charge! 


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