Cake Smash + Splash: A 1st Birthday Story

The first time I laid eyes on Hailey, it was a crisp Autumn day and she was an adorable sitter with two little teeth! She was extroverted from the very beginning of her family’s session and we became fast friends! She smiled and gave me all the feels when she was in front of my lens. A total ham!

Imagine my excitement to do it once again for her 1st birthday smash and splash! Brooke, her mom, and I worked out all the details! We would incorporate Spring colors: pinks, yellows and blues. And bubbles! Check out the cake smash action below!

This was such a memorable session for all involved! Hailey enjoyed the bath more than the cake but to have her reaction documented is totally PRICELESS! Hailey is 1 and that’s worthy of celebration! So is your baby!

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