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Since being home during COVID-19, I’ve challenged myself to have more gratitude. Enjoying our memories helps me do just that!


Growing up, portraits and snapshots were a huge part of my upbringing. There was something fulfilling about having those tangible memories in my hands. They made me feel connected to the fabric of my family….even if I’d never met  the person in the photograph.

I enjoy seeing photos on my walls, past and present and I thought it may give you a few ideas if I shared my own wall art and album with you! There actually isn’t a single product that I sell, that I don’t own for my family. I have tried them out and I know the quality, beauty and durability of the products that I sell!

I”ll start with my dining room wall collection. I have four beautiful children and they all have different, vibrant personalities. With that being said, they are also in four different stages of childhood. My husband and I have a teenage daughter, Aaliyah. A pre-teen son, Brenden and two children that are in early childhood. Emmy and Xander are ages 3 and 1 year. For this collection I wanted something clean & symmetrical, that could capture each child’s personality while also being classic. Thus, our Black and White collection was born. These are 11×14 framed prints, with white mats around them, which I think takes the black and white images to the next level.

Black and White prints displayed in my dining room that brings a separation of space to my open concept living room and dining room.

Our last family photo was taken during Xander’s newborn session. Normally, I suggest an updated family portrait by baby’s first birthday. We’re hoping to capture ours once things die down a bit. I really love this photo! This portrait, a framed print, is in our entryway. I chose this place so that when our children come downstairs each day, they can see themselves, the most important parts of our legacy!

Our 2019 family photo….Xander is 7 days new here and sooo much has changed. This is a 16×24 framed print. 

If anyone knows how fast a family can transform, it’s me. Only a  couple of months after our Spring family session, we conceived little Xander. Boop! Surprise! These photos were taken in May by a good friend of mine and I wouldn’t change a thing about that session. I loved it so much that I ordered an album too! You will see the album pictured here, as well!

Here’s one of our 2018 photos and you can see a canvas in the background, which is a portrait of me and the girls, taken in 2017.

In our master bedroom, we have ZERO photos of the kids. Our philosophy is that this is a space for us. These are Framed 8×10 prints with large mats and muted bronze frames.

Romantic photos of hubby and I!

Finally the moment we’ve been waiting for! The album!

This is a 10×10 album with a distressed leather cover, embossed with our chosen title.

This will be cherished for so many years!

Thanks for letting me share this with you! Tell me about the last time you had portraits taken? Did you print them? I’m happy to print photos for my clients, and also for clients who have copyright release from their photographer. Contact me today to print the photos that matter most to you!

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