Lifestyle Photography: Keep It Simple

One of my favorite “#GirlMom moments. This little diva is always looking to mom as her blueprint for womanhood.

Have you ever been in a moment that you wish could stand still? I mean one of those sunny Saturday mornings when you’re making pancakes and your little one does something super cute like, puts batter on their nose or becomes the sweetest, stickiest mess in their high chair. Have you been in the middle of Sunday morning snuggles and thought, “Wow! I wish I had a picture of this very moment!”  That’s what lifestyle photography is all about! Vivid memories for years to come!

The “grandma shot” isn’t always perfectly posed but it’s perfectly imperfect, just the same.

We’re all iPhone documentary photographers, right? But the major drag about it is if you take the photo, you don’t get to be part of that memory. As mothers, we’re often the ones racing to our phone to catch airplane rides with dad. I think that we, myself included, forget how important it is to exist in photos. Instead of enjoying our children at the park, we’re busy snapping pics that sit on our phones and the moments that give us the greatest joy, go undocumented.

Isn’t it funny how your 8 year old loves to hang upside down from the top bunk, but there’s never anyone there to catch the tickle fight it takes to get him down? It’s these moments that are captured in lifestyle photography. Best of all, you’re not taking the photos! You’re in them! You get to exist in photos, alongside your kids and your husband.  15 years from now, will your children have more than selfies and digitals to remember their childhood?

Lifestyle photography lets your children's personalities shine through! Lifestyle photography lets your children’s personalities shine through!

Let your real family exist in their real moments. Let me capture your children doing the things they enjoy most, in their own environment. Think about it: Those organic connections captured forever!  I realized long ago that everyday moments were beautiful. You should have some of those everyday moments for yourself.

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