David + Natasha = Salem : A Piece of Heaven

Snakes, snails and puppy dog tails is far from relevant with this baby boy. He’s more like dreams, lemongrass essential oil and Cinnabon! All I’m saying it this baby boy was a total sweetheart and instantly, I was in it for the cuddles! I definitely volunteered to babysit him!

When you see these photos you’ll understand why.

There was major love flowing during this Lifestyle Newborn session. As the first born son of David, Salem is definitely the apple of his father’s eye! This Spanish Fort family has so many passions that they want to share with baby Salem,  Rock and Roll being one of them. David, a talented musician, played the guitar for us while I was at their home. We even incorporated it into the session!

Natasha isn’t short on talent nor expertise, either! She’s a career counselor and fitness expert. When she’s not cuddling with sweet Salem, she’s helping her clients build show stopping resumes and dream careers. Check out her Facebook page here. This family is so sweet and I can’t wait to serve them as Salem continues to grow.

I enjoy how candid lifestyle sessions are. Creating art from everyday moments that are fleeting is the most enjoyable aspect of this type of session. If you’re interested in booking a lifestyle session, let’s talk!




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