Why Booking In Your Third Trimester is Best Congratulations! You’re in the final stretch of your pregnancy, eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one. As you prepare for this new chapter in your life, there’s one thing you won’t want to forget: booking your newborn photo session. Capturing those precious early moments is a […]

Newborn Sessions

Booking Your Newborn Session

Twin Sisters In Studio for Maternity Photos Together I think there is a concept that every maternity photographer wants to capture: A Twin Maternity Session! I regularly work with couples, and families that are celebrating growing or starting their family! While I have worked with same-sex couples who are coming to make memories to celebrate […]


A Twin Maternity Session | Alexandria Virginia Maternity

Prepare for your newborn session with this deep dive guide to newborn photo sessions.

Newborn Sessions

How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session| Alexandria VA Newborn Studio

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Breaking my silence to share what I’ve learned over 7 years in running my business.


 New Levels Unlocked: My First Conference Speaking Experience

The choice of Egyptian art for a maternity session also taps into the symbolism associated with ancient Egyptian culture. Hieroglyphs often represented concepts like fertility, protection, and the cycle of life. Integrating these symbols into the body art not only creates a visually striking aesthetic but also marks the session with a profound and timeless meaning.

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Egyptian Inspired Body Paint Maternity Session

Unique Maternity Session- Egyptian Body Paint

Calling all moms gearing up for the new school year! Let’s come together over coffee and share our back-to-school plans, tips, and tales. Join me at my Mommy Meetup for a morning of caffeine and camaraderie as we navigate this exciting chapter together! #BackToSchoolCoffeeChat #MommyCafeMeetup #CheersToNewBeginnings


Mommy Meetup – Back to School

them all beyond measure!

We’ve even incorporated her culture and family heirlooms into this session with her jewelry! Her sweet son called them “decorations”, which made me swoon even more! He’s the sweetest and I can’t wait to welcome this family back to my studio one day!


Motherhood: A Look Into Your Legacy | DMV Portrait Studio

Mother and Chid Embrace

Motherhood: This is the New You Hello Gorgeous and welcome to Motherhood! The most challenging role of your life, but some of the most purposeful work also! It’s time to embrace the new normal! You’ve got a new baby and a new body and so much changing in such a short time! Let’s get real […]

Newborn Sessions

Why Waiting To Feel Like The Old You Is Not Helping You Embrace Motherhood | Washington D.C.

Northern Virginia Mommy and Me Photographer Hello Gorgeous! What is a Motherhood Session and why it’s amazing! Experience a very sentimental session that celebrates the bond of Mother and child. No matter how old we get, we’re always going to be our mother’s baby. As mothers that sentiment will definitely carry over to our very […]

Motherhood Sessions

Motherhood Sessions Are Back at our Alexandria Studio!

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Washington DC Maternity Photographer

Are you wondering about the best locations for maternity sessions? Well I’m here to help you out! When deciding if it’s worth it to venture into the great outdoors, (and heat) to capture a glamorous, epic and legendary portrait to celebrate your pregnancy, the number one question that comes to mind is: What are the […]

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The Best Locations For Maternity Sessions | Washington DC







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