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As a family photographer, I decided to specialize where it all beings, with babies. I began my business with a Maternity & Newborn focus and I’m very happy to announce that I’ve decided to offer birth photography, as well. I love the families that I get to serve and becoming long lost girlfriends with my clients is the icing on the cake. See, over here, mama is the star! I understand that she works tirelessly, for her family. Photography is how she celebrates the milestones of one of her most cherished works….her family. Why is the time of pregnancy and birth any different of a milestone? Birth is the beginning of a legacy derived from you!

Imagine, being able to share images from the first time you held your baby with them, 5 years from now. Sharing the story of how they came into the world, on another level, with pictures.

Imagine capturing your partner’s loving gaze, your mother’s tears, your father’s strong hands wrapped around your baby just moments after their arrival. You see their joy! Your heart bursts with each silent kiss and each smile. The tears and love that fill the room as everyone comes to meet your prince or princess.

These images encompass the raw, sentimental joy of fleeting moments. Firsts that will never happen again. The first time you hold your baby and first meetings with siblings. The joy a grandfather feels, knowing that his legacy has been extended! Birth. Is. Beautiful.

Loving gazes that could last forever.

Your D-Day is going to be emotional, and filled with joy! Certainly one of the happiest days of your life! Why wouldn’t you want to remember it forever? 

From now until June 12th, I’m accepting applications for Birth Photography Models, as I’m building my portfolio! This is exciting because for the past 6 months I’ve aligned my lifestyle for being on call, 24/7 for mamas like you! Yes, even at 2 a.m.! For your birth, I’ll be there from active labor until 1 hour after baby arrives!

Selected mama’s will have receive the following in exchange for a signed model release:

  • 50% off Introductory Birth Photography Pricing

  • On Call Services from 38 weeks until 42 weeks

  • $100 Product Credit and Birth Story Slideshow




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