Celebrating Adoption: Red Thread Sessions

I am compelled to believe that every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord above, especially children. I had an interesting conversation over coffee (that’s kind of my thing), yesterday about the challenges of being a mother. You know, the moments when patience is thin and bedtime can’t come fast enough.

It was refreshing to have such transparent conversation about the moments that teach us, as mothers, rather than the other way around. My friend Crystal, a pastor, shared a profound thought, which is far removed from how I was made to feel as a child. She said that children are to be regarded as royalty. Joint heirs, with us, to the kingdom. What a reminder that a ¬†child’s actions may be a reflection of how they are made to feel.

God charges us with the responsibility of caring in this way for ALL children. Not just those born from us. This is a tall order when we consider how many children are waiting for their forever family in our foster care system. The numbers become even more daunting when considering children that live abroad. Are they made to feel like joint heirs with Christ? Even if you are not called to become a parent through adoption, are you being the hands and feet of Jesus by meeting a need?

For those who have prayed for a child, and God answered that prayer with adoption, I stand with you.

For fathers who are praying to impart wisdom in sons who will be the next generation leaders of leaders for our communities, I stand with you.

For mothers who desire deeply to nurture, heal and restore the hearts of children from around the world, I stand with you.

For any family that knows that there is a tiny, red thread, connecting them to a child somewhere that is destined to become a part of their lives forever, I stand with you.

To celebrate the triumphant beauty of adoption, I decided to join a national organization of photographers who serve families completing the adoption process. I decided to offer birth photography, family portraiture and documentary photography for those completing or who have recently completed their adoption. Courtroom sessions and Airport Homecoming sessions are included in these offerings, and I am so excited to serve Gulf Coast families in this way.

¬†Red Thread Sessions, is an amazing organization, and I am happy to waive my retainer to serve adoptive families in this way. If you’re a Gulf Coast Resident, adopting a child, whether open birth adoption, domestic or international, I can’t wait to meet you! I can’t wait to hear your story and to create something tangible for you with my time and talent!

Please, share this link! You never know who may be impacted!

Love and Light,

Ambreia T.



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