Emery’s Cake Smash + Splash

August 22nd, 2016 was the first day of school where we live. Ironically, I had a “What to do if you I go into labor while you’re at school, ” talk with my school aged children. Less than 24 hours later I was on my way to Thomas Hospital to deliver Emery Grace!

Wardrobe: Rainey’s Closet. “/> Emery has such charm! She looks adorable in the Dolly dress that came from a Pensacola vendor called Rainey’s Closet. You can check out Dolly, Tutu Du Monde and other boutique styles from them -> Wardrobe: Rainey’s Closet.

Emery has been such a blessing to our family and is developing quite the personality. She loves fruit, veggies, mommy’s milk and cuddling! She hasn’t started walking yet, but there is no lack in mobility, at all! Emery also loves to hear “The Wheels on the Bus” and will dance when she’s encouraged! She’s vibrant and sweet! I’m blessed to call her my daughter!

There was lots of action to be seen during this session!  There was lots of action to be seen during this session!

The session started out capturing candid shots of the 1 year old and then led to details of the cake, wardrobe and this beautiful baby girl. Emery showed a lot of interest in touching her cake but not eating it. She was assisted by Daddy in partaking of her naked cake, provided by a local bakery.

As you can see, she wasn't thrilled about having dad's help!  As you can see, she wasn’t thrilled about having dad’s help!

Although, Emery proved to be a clean eater, we still enjoyed a “Splash” at the end of her session! What a win! No icing in her hair!

In a previous cake smash and splash, we used an adorable steel tub. You can find the blog post here. This time, I wanted to use the kitchen sink instead! Check out how adorable she is! Bubbles galore!

The kitchen sink can be used in photographing any baby that is sitting unassisted!  The kitchen sink can be used in photographing any baby that is sitting unassisted!

Although, I look forward to sharing more of my children on the blog for your inspirations, I’m even more excited about creating these types of images for you! It’s so important to have images that display the true essence of your child’s wonder! I want to give that to you in a tangible way. I want to help you display those images in a way that can be enjoyed each day for years to come! I plan to create an album and fine art prints from these photos.

Comment here and tell me how you would display photos like these of your children!

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